Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Hyundai Cabin Air Filter Replacements: What You Need to Know

Want to keep the air in your car fresh, cool, and clean? You'll need to have a clean cabin air filter installed at regular intervals. At Larry H. Miller Southwest Hyundai Albuquerque, we can help.

Cabin air filter replacement is a normal part of vehicle maintenance that contributes directly to the comfort of you and your passengers. Keep up with this regular service and you can ensure that clean air comes into your vehicle cabin.

What is a Cabin Air Filter?

The cabin air filter keeps dirt, pollen, and other debris from getting into your car's climate control system and entering the cabin. Widely adopted throughout the auto industry around the year 2000, cabin filters have improved air quality in vehicles across the board.

Why Does Your Car Need a Cabin Air Filter Replacement?

As a result of catching dirty and other particles, cabin filters tend to get dirty over time. Eventually, this can cause some unwanted symptoms like restricted air flow or unpleasant smells. The fix is simple: make sure your cabin air filter is replaced on time.

What is a Cabin Air Filter Replacement Service?

For most vehicles, cabin air filter replacement is a fairly simple service. A technician can get it done in a matter of minutes. First, they'll get the cabin filter with the proper part number and fit. Next, they'll locate the old cabin filter -- typically located behind a panel in the glove compartment. The technician will remove the old filter, fit the new one properly, and put the panel back in place.

Get Your Hyundai Cabin Air Filter Replaced in Albuquerque

Ready to have a new cabin air filter installed in your vehicle? Contact Larry H. Miller Southwest Hyundai Albuquerque. Our service center and staff are ready to help with this service and many more. Feel free to call us by phone or use our online form to schedule your cabin air filter replacement.


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